Sea Moss Gel
Sea Moss Gel
Sea Moss Gel
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Sea Moss Gel

Naturally Herbal
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Sea Moss is a naturally sourced product from the island of Saint Lucia which is known to produce the world's best Wildcrafted Sea Moss.

In regards to Sea moss Gel benefits, they are endless. Sea moss organically contains 92 minerals from the 102 minerals our body is made from. As a result, it is a Superfood that is popular with all of our clients including vegan and vegetarian customers as it helps to boost energy and provide extra vitamins we need on a daily basis.

The benefits of Sea Moss are as follows:

·          Sea Moss contains 92 out of the body's 102 minerals

·         Can help to remove Mucus from the Body

·         Great for Sexual Health - a Natural Aphrodisiac - Rich in Zinc, Vitamin E & Folate for Sperm Production

·         Good for Thyroid Health - Balancing Hormones

·         Helps with Skin conditions - High in Sulphur so great for face masks

·         Good for Digestion

·         Joint & Bone Health - High in Omega-3, Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin-K

·         Good for the Blood/Anemia- High in Iron 

·         Can help with Colds & Coughs - Vitamin C

·         Powerful Anti-Inflammatory 

·         Mood/Mental Health Booster - Due to Potassium content which helps to maintain healthy Mental & Emotional Function

·         Weight Loss - due to Sea Moss ability to absorb moisture to create a feeling of fullness

·         High in Iodine - which is said to help prevent radiation poisoning


How to use Sea Moss Gel?

Sea moss gel can be used topically on the skin as a face mask or hair mask and left on the skin or hair for at least 30 minutes and can be washed off using water and soap/shampoo.

It can also be consumed in your teas, coffee, smoothies, protein shakes, in your cooking or straight from the jar. It is recommended that you consume 1-2 tablespoons a day.


What Does Sea Moss Taste Like?

Sea Moss is essentially tasteless and does not change the taste of any smoothie or food dish it is added to. In addition, we also offer combination flavours of our Sea Moss Gel that has infused ingredients which each hold their own healing benefits for example: Wild Blueberry Sea Moss, Turmeric Sea Moss, Cinnamon Sea Moss, Purple Sea Moss and Moringa Sea Moss.


No other products have been added to our Sea Moss making it 100% natural. Ingredients: 100% Wildcrafted and Sun-dried Sea Moss (Eucheuma cottoni)