London Super Foods Organic  Peruvian Cacao Nibs

London Super Foods Organic Peruvian Cacao Nibs

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Organic, Peruvian Cacao Nibs.

Derived from broken down, sun-dried cacao beans. 100% cacao, dairy-free and sugar-free – cacao nibs make a great alternative to traditional chocolate chips. Cacao nibs are a good source of fibre, protein and healthy fats.

Toss cacao nibs into your favorite smoothie. Add them to coffees or hot chocolates with nut milks for a tasty latte. Spread them onto your toast after blending them into your favourite nut butters or bake them into your breads, scones or muffins. Mix them into cereals, yogurts or trail mixes. For a savoury twist – use them to crust your meat in or add to a basting sauce.